Your bees on web.

A small simple dream to help people


Logic Bee is based on personal projects done by Oken Khuman during his B.Tech life. Those project that aims to automate/simplify tedious tasks and makes life easier.

Software and Services

Below is the list of software and services Logic Bee provides.

Bee4You (In Development)

Bee4You is a service that will help your simple but digital tasks. The service will be availabe via the android app entitled Bee4You.


Managed attendance as a Service. Just apply, use and see the working.

More coming up

More service and software will be rolling up in the future.

Want some side hustle?

Logic Bee would love to have agents who can gather clients for the service available. Logic Bee will pay agent as form of share for their work as mention below.


Gather client who can use the service(s) and app(s).


Help Logic Bee retain the client and get monthly share forever.

Grow with Logic Bee

Grow your side hustle with Logic Bee.